Friday, March 21, 2014

book two name reveal - it's here!

Greetings folks! 

It's Friday, and it's finally starting to get warm here in Boston! I'm in such a good mood!!! Winters are hard, I get so gloomy and totally bummed without green stuff and flowers (even though I regret it as soon as I start sneezing...) so since I'm in such a splendid mood, I have a gift for you: the name of book two! Are you ready? Let's not make you wait with bated breath ... drum roll please! 

This is also kind of a cover tease :) I once again have to fawn over Ari at Cover it! Designs. I'm kind of, no I am, I am obsessed with her! 

There's no synopsis yet, I will post that once I'm in the final stages of the book and I have a cemented feeling. But, for now, add it on goodreads here: and enjoy the temporary blurb :)

And enjoy the weekend! And the warmer days! I can't wait to thaw out!!!!! 


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