Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day ... from Penny & Jackson!

I wrote a special scene for this week, it's Valentine's, and book tour week! 

In case you missed it, the book tour is happening over the next two weeks with over 30 blogs and orchestrated from the lovely Juliet and SMI Promotions! 

This week a special blog was given a new scene between Penny & Jackson, a little segue into their VDay plans! ;)

It was posted on JessTimeToRead's blog, I linked to it on Facebook and Twitter but I will go ahead and post it for you here :) 


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(Author note: no, of course it's not edited!)

“Penn? Baby? Where are you?”

Closing the door behind me with my foot I walked slowly through the living room of the apartment I recently asked Penny to move into permanently with me. Living on campus was fine and dandy to hold a front where her father was concerned. But, really, she was here too often and he was wasting his room and board money. Her father conceded only after I offered several reminders of how safer it is for me to have her here. Leaving out my own selfish motives.

“Here…in here, shit.” Her curse lingered loudly in the air. My heart plummeting slightly, my feet picked up pace to a brisk walk toward her soft voice.

Sitting in the middle of our bedroom floor, cross-legged style, behind a small circle of candles was the beautiful love of my life in a tiny baby doll nightie. My manhood instantly stiffened, flanking the leg of my jeans.

“Peaches, what’re you doing?” I curiously smirked watching her fingers rub anxiously over her exposed thighs.

“I burnt myself.” Her full lips puckered to a frown looking up at me. “I thought,” She paused standing up to walk toward me, my eyes focusing on the soft flow of her cotton nightie around her luscious curves, “I thought it’d be nice to build us a make shift fire pit like back home.”
I grinned, “Because we have a penchant for falling in love around them?”

She nodded into my chest.

“Hey,” I pulled her back, “what’s the matter?”

She held her thumb, middle, and pointer finger up between our faces. “Well what good are they now?” I kissed at her petite frown.

“Very useful.” I smirked, pulling the slightly blistered fingertips slightly between my lips and sucked the swollen skin softy. Penny’s mouth fell open into a small O watching me.

“Feels good.” She whispered. Her eyes stuck on my mouth sucking her.


She smirked, “Everywhere.”

“Good girl.” I lowered us down to our knees. Falling onto my haunches Penny straddled me. She rocked over my hardness, once, twice.

“Heathen.” Her smirk caused a fire to build in my chest.

She pulled her fingers from my mouth with a loud pop. And replaced them with her lips over mine. I couldn’t subdue the moan from bubbling up my throat. She had the wielding power to weaken me with those lips. Those beautiful lips I’d prepared a speech for. I was going to spend the rest of my life falling victim to those lips.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Penny.”

“Happy Valentine’s day, Jackson, I love you.”

And just like she had countless times before, she had me undone, just as she will for the rest of our lives together.

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So perfect!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Valentines Day!! xx