Monday, January 20, 2014

happy birthday, Alabama Sons!

well my friends.
the day ... is finally here. *releases the breath i've been holding for the last seven months*
i am so blessed and so thankful to have had such an amazing support system behind me for the last several months. guiding me and steering me toward the path, the right path! how amazing it feels to say 'i'm an author' and to think months ago i thought i couldn't do it. really, i thought, i don't need to do this. well now that notion just seems insane. of course i need this! i'm addicted to this feeling!
i'm proud to bring you Alabama Sons, and i'll be even more proud to continue bringing you the crazy stories in my head. (i've already started writing two more!)
i'm excited, CRAZY excited, even though we've hit a teensy teeny bump in the road. i created my amazon, b&n, and itunes accounts using my e. a. whitehead EIN tax id, and only after was told they would probably get 'held up'. well, shoot, they did. apparently it takes about 6 weeks to clear a business tax id. and only AFTER i submitted the information did i learn i could have just used my ssn since the bank account associated with everything is still in my legal name. i'm sorry to those of you on Nook or Sony readers, i PROMISE i will update you as soon as possible! and if you're looking for a print book i will have those in about two weeks! -fewf-
and so without the further wait, since i know you've all held the same baited breath ...

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