Thursday, August 1, 2013

i recommend drinking wine from a mason jar ... always

a wise man once said "write drunk, edit sober." does anyone actually know who said that? i should have googled before i began typing this entry. ah, well. such is the case for the last few nights of writing. you see, i'm writing the ending. and ... it's not that easy :/ so, i've just been filling a huge mason jar with wine, and sucking it down with a straw. that's kind of sad huh? well. shit. i'm sad! i don't want it to end. i want penny and jackson to have a million books. (don't worry they won't, that would just be ridiculous - plus i hate authors that do that crap!)

anyways, the end drawing near means hiring a cover artist: and falling madly in love with her.

and then of course working on marketing material for events: (i'm just a shmoozer at this one) and doing so in a complete PANIC and having your best friend pull through without a single hiccup. i'd be lost without you, best friend! (psst check out her amazing designs:

i think she did pretty amazing don't you agree???...

postcards!!!! teehee :)

have i mentioned how amazing this whole experience has been and had it not been for friends and family that help in a pinch, i don't think any of it would have happened at all :)

my mason jar o' wine nears empty and i bid you adieu until next time. hopefully next time is a finished book and a release date ;)

love and laughter,

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