Friday, August 23, 2013

the mindspace i call home & the friends i call family

so, one of the hardest things as a voracious reader, is writing a book. i mean it. because all i want to do is write ... and read. the problem here? reading is sofa king distracting! you see i have an addiction. i read like it's my personal drug. when i'm stressed, i read. when i'm pissed, i read. when i'm bored, i read. when i need something to help me fall asleep, i read. when i'm ignoring an idiot guy in a coffee shop, i pick up a book and act like i'm reading.

but, what i should be doing, is writing. and as of late, i've gotten myself into some serious trouble. the 'i need rehab' kind of trouble. i've become addicted to series. and series that have two, four, FIVE (Toni, you ass) in them. it's a good thing, and it's so terribly a bad thing.

about a year ago i found a book club/blog on instagram, the SMI Bookclub, if you've read 50 Shades you know that stands for 'sex mad & insatiable', clever eh? ;) i quickly became friends with so many ladies in the group. some of them authors, some of them just avid readers like i was at the time. i started talking to some of them on facebook and twitter. and my own crazy group of friends formed. it was like i found people who understood my utter obsession with books (and smut) for the first time, and they made me feel like i might have a shot at this book writing thing. i tell juliet all the time that i owe any of my popularity to her. and i truly mean that.

so, while i was writing a book i was also devouring novels that the group was currently reading. mostly books by authors in the group, and some from indie authors that reached out to the group. some books i couldn't get into, others ... i obsessed over for days and felt so incredibly hungover after finishing that last page. (remington tate, anybody?)

recently i had the pleasure of meeting one of my new favorite and most respected indie authors, author danielle torella. her amazing book Private Message received rave reviews, hit the top 3 on amazon and absolutely melted my heart. i met her finally two weekends ago at the Stamford Author Event and the last two weeks have been probably the most productive (well, not really, which i'll explain after) and funniest weeks of my self-proclaimed writing life. danielle is a wealth of knowledge for an indie writer like myself and i am SO thankful for SMI and Juliet for bringing us together! she's helped me format a checklist that i never would have put together in order to get this book out to you guys.

do me a favor and grab this book, you won't regret it. the next book Private Show comes out this winter and i am absolutely so disgustingly pissed that i have to wait that long to get more Ben and Tess, ugh, you're just going to fall so madly in love with them!!!

another beauty i met two weeks ago was Author Toni Aleo. i almost screamed when i saw her table covered in hockey pucks and her book covers donned with hot hockey men. excuse me but BOOKS featuring my two loves combined? my perfect trifecta. so needless to say i fell in love with her, and her hot hockey men, and her. and her harry potter tattoos (you all know i'm obsessed with harry potter don't act like i'm a creep.) i read her first book in The Assassin's Series, Taking Shots, in a hot minute. i devoured it, i stayed up until 3am and hated my life the next day at work (i get up at 6am...). so this is where my completely unproductive last two weeks have come into play. there are currently 4, FOUR, quatro, books (&novella) in this series. which, of course, because i'm a suffering addict i had to read. DO NOT QUESTION ME I HAD TO. i finally finished them on sunday and well, i finally started writing my book again.

so, blue lines, will be out in about a month, and again i want to cry because i miss the assassin's and i want them back in my life. i was THISCLOSE to just restarting the whole damn series and keep repeating until blue lines but, well, that would mean i'm so far into an addiction that perhaps y'all should intervention my ass. 

i know i'm acting like i'm mad, but i'm not. i'm ok that i took a short (ok month long) break to read books and readjust my brain. if anything. i was so busy type type typing away that i forgot the pleasure in the words. sitting down at the computer felt like a chore for a minute. but, as i've been talkign to other writers, this is normal for the first time writing a book. it's ok that i felt overwhelmed and a little ... bogged down. the last thing i ever EVER want to feel like is that this a chore, a forced point in my otherwise lofty life. i want every day that i sit down at the computer to be a blessed one. so, im learning, it's ok to take a reading break. 

i'm sure as shit glad i took a break to read the sweet treats these ladies provided me. my brain feels refreshed and i'm so excited to be working on Alabama Sons again and get it out as soon as possible!

thanks for all your support, and please, PLEASE, support other indie authors like myself!!! 


buy Danielle Torella's Private Message on kindle or on nook
buy Toni Aleo's first book in the Assassin's Series, Taking Shots, on kindle or nook

Thursday, August 1, 2013

i recommend drinking wine from a mason jar ... always

a wise man once said "write drunk, edit sober." does anyone actually know who said that? i should have googled before i began typing this entry. ah, well. such is the case for the last few nights of writing. you see, i'm writing the ending. and ... it's not that easy :/ so, i've just been filling a huge mason jar with wine, and sucking it down with a straw. that's kind of sad huh? well. shit. i'm sad! i don't want it to end. i want penny and jackson to have a million books. (don't worry they won't, that would just be ridiculous - plus i hate authors that do that crap!)

anyways, the end drawing near means hiring a cover artist: and falling madly in love with her.

and then of course working on marketing material for events: (i'm just a shmoozer at this one) and doing so in a complete PANIC and having your best friend pull through without a single hiccup. i'd be lost without you, best friend! (psst check out her amazing designs:

i think she did pretty amazing don't you agree???...

postcards!!!! teehee :)

have i mentioned how amazing this whole experience has been and had it not been for friends and family that help in a pinch, i don't think any of it would have happened at all :)

my mason jar o' wine nears empty and i bid you adieu until next time. hopefully next time is a finished book and a release date ;)

love and laughter,