Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A multiple kind of explosion

This time last month I was celebrating my birthday and 10,000 words. At the time that felt impossible and like nothing I had ever truly been able to appreciate before, a sense of accomplishment. 

This week, for the Fourth of July, I get to celebrate 80,000 words and the nearing end of the story...

Last night I wrote a scene that made me so happy my fingers felt like they were the ones shooting off fireworks. When I paused an hour or so later and minimized the "writing view" of the window, I almost laughed, 2,000 words in a few hours. Hot Damn. 

I know it might not seem much to a seasoned writer, but to me that feels incredible. A month ago I thought I might not have the creativity to get past a few thousand words. 

Anyways, it's also Penny's birthday tomorrow! Shhh, you don't know that though ;) Happy Birthday, Penny! 

I will post the cute scene of her and Jackson from her birthday tomorrow :) 

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