Thursday, July 4, 2013

Alabama Sons: a novel

Penny Wilmot leads a simple life. Together with her widowed father and best friend Boone they run a small U-Pick farm. She never asked for much, and certainly wasn't looking for him...

Jackson Hawkes lives his life at one steady speed: fast. On a mission to find his father, he takes a road trip and ends up finding himself with a new band, a new job and a new dream.

The two meet by accident and begin a romantic adventure in the summer heat of Alabama. But what happens when the two find out that they have the one thing in common that took their whole worlds away from them?

Death. It takes things away, but can it bring the pair together?

Join Penny and her sons of Alabama in a turbulent journey of love and loss...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A multiple kind of explosion

This time last month I was celebrating my birthday and 10,000 words. At the time that felt impossible and like nothing I had ever truly been able to appreciate before, a sense of accomplishment. 

This week, for the Fourth of July, I get to celebrate 80,000 words and the nearing end of the story...

Last night I wrote a scene that made me so happy my fingers felt like they were the ones shooting off fireworks. When I paused an hour or so later and minimized the "writing view" of the window, I almost laughed, 2,000 words in a few hours. Hot Damn. 

I know it might not seem much to a seasoned writer, but to me that feels incredible. A month ago I thought I might not have the creativity to get past a few thousand words. 

Anyways, it's also Penny's birthday tomorrow! Shhh, you don't know that though ;) Happy Birthday, Penny! 

I will post the cute scene of her and Jackson from her birthday tomorrow :)